Creswick Primary School is able to offer a wide range of choices to encourage all students to get involved. Being actively engaged in extra-curricular activities increases the links to school and the community.

Some of these choices include: performing arts events, discos, many incursions and excursions, intellectual challenges and many sporting activities through Sporting Schools including soccer, netball, AFL and gymnastics to name a few.

We also hold a Whole School Athletics Day at Llanberris Reserve, Whole School Cross Country and Whole School Jogathon each year.

We have a netball team who represent the school in after hours competitions, and involvement in these teams is available to all students in grades Three to Six.

Camps are held for students in Years 3-6 and are on a bi-annual basis.

Year 3/4 – Creswick Log Cabin Camp / Coastal Forest Lodge

Year 5/6 – Melbourne / Sovereign Hill Costume school

Years 1/2 each year hold either a fun evening of activities and dinner or a breakfast morning in preparation for camp in the Senior Years.

The Grade 5/6 students have the opportunity to join in the Clubs program where they choose to participate in activities such as cooking, woodwork, bike riding, craft, movie making and jewelry making.

We hold M.A.G (Multi-Age Days) once per term where students are placed with a mixed group of students to participate in a themed activity day.


Students are placed into one of four House teams when they enrol at the school. Family members are allocated to the same house. Students stay in the same house team for the duration of their education at Creswick Primary School. The houses reflect the four streets surrounding the school and each has a representative colour.




NAPIER   – Yellow

The House Teams form the basis of any whole school group activities and students compete in these teams on the day of the House Athletic Sports.

Our House Team theme songs can be found here.