School Profile

We are proud of the facilities and programs we offer our students, all of which reflect our long term goal to provide a stimulating, friendly, safe, caring environment that challenges students and enhances their academic learning, personal growth and well-being.

The seven classrooms are fully resourced twenty-first century flexible learning areas. In 2022 the Junior Unit consists of a Foundation and 2 x Grade1/2.  The Senior Unit consists of two Grade 3/4 classes and two Grade 5/6 classes. We also have a classroom for our Tutoring program which will complement our existing  intervention programs of Levelled Literacy, Quicksmart maths, Hands on Learning and Extra Art.

The current School Strategic Plan began in 2019. It forms the basis of our educational program and it aims to:

  • Improve learning growth and outcomes for all students in literacy and numeracy.
  • Empower students to be self regulated learners actively engaged in their learning and community. To encourage student leaders to influence change in the school community building greater student voice, agency and leadership.
  • Develop confident global citizens – develop students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and competencies to ensure students learn to respect key universal values and contribute as global citizens. 

In Term 3 of 2022 we will be going through the Review process of reflecting on our current Strategic Plan and developing a new 4-year plan.

Our comprehensive curriculum programs are based on the Victorian Curriculum.  This covers domains such as English, Maths, Science, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Technologies, Critical and Creative Thinking, Humanities, Ethical and Intercultural Capabilities and Personal and Social Capabilities.

 We are pleased to be able to provide specialist teachers in the Arts, Indonesian, Physical Education, Library, and both Literacy and Mathematics Intervention.  The school provides fantastic I.C.T opportunities for students with interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, modern computers, iPads, digital cameras and more.