Extra Programs and Interventions

At Creswick Primary School we offer a range of interventions and extra programs to support our students with their learning and social development.


Our school is lucky enough to run a Breakfast Club on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8.15am to 8.45am in our Multi-Purpose Building.

Students can choose from vita brits, porridge, Cheerios, fruit, toast, cheese toasties and milk or Milo.

We have student Breakfast Club Helpers who set up the tables and chairs for students who attend.


Our student Gardening Club is made up of students from all year levels in the school. Students apply to be a part of the club at the beginning of the year, and complete projects together throughout the year. 

They enjoy completing projects all around the school, including planting and growing vegetables and fruits in our raised garden beds and maintaining our school grounds by pruning, pulling out and planting different things!


The Hands on Learning program is conducted one day week with a selected group of students from grades 5/6.  This program allows students to work on school and individual projects.  The program engages students in real life learning, where students plan, budget and create projects for the school community. Teamwork, goal setting, trial and error and learning about workplace safety are core aspects of the program.  Students on the  program meet each Thursday and can be seen creating planter boxes, gardening, putting together shelving and other projects around the school.  


Small group interventions are conducted  across the school in a variety of curriculum areas and year levels.

Quicksmart – Maths Intervention program for middle years students in 3-6. Students participate in short sharp lessons that help improve their basic number facts and four processes understanding. 

Levelled Literacy Intervention – Literacy intervention where students participate in reading, writing and learning about phonics sessions. 

Tutoring – we have a whole school tutor who works 4 days a week. Our tutor will work with students identified in a range of areas, based on need.