Our school’s vision is to create a respectful and welcoming environment where parents, teachers and community members nurture students to achieve their best on an academic, social and emotional level.

At Creswick Primary School we offer an attractive, safe and welcoming learning environment for all students. Building positive relationships with our families is at the centre of all our work.

The school-wide positive behaviour pillars of safety, respect, personal best and resilience are embedded in our practice across the school. Our school community is representative of the wider community and is inclusive of viewpoints and perspectives. We have continued work on our School Wide Positive Behaviour Framework, Zones of Regulation, Circle time, Restorative Practices and Respectful Relationships curriculum to build the skills of our students to be inclusive, tolerant and kind to each other as well as to learn to regulate their own feelings and behaviours. 

​Our curriculum is engaging and differentiated, and staff work very hard to ensure that all students are receiving the support and challenges that they need. Interventions are provided across a range of areas – Whole School Tutoring, QuickSmart Maths Years 3-6, Extra Art, Gardening Club and Hands on Learning for year 5/6 students. Just as we are committed to our students reaching their potential, we are also committed to our staff and provide regular professional learning to support their growth. 

Student  Well-Being is at the forefront of all that we do. Students engage in the Respectful Relationships and Zones of Regulations programs. We have a full time Leading Teacher responsible for Student Wellbeing, our school social counsellor/chaplain 3 days a week and a beautiful school support dog Ollie. 

We believe a strong partnership between families and the school is paramount and provides the best opportunity for success for our students. We encourage you to become involved in school activities, use Compass and See Saw to stay in touch with staff and our events and keep a dialogue with the teachers. We offer parent information and support sessions on a variety of topics throughout the year and would love to see you at these events.

Ben Gallagher